About Us

A little about the History of ICALA

ICALA has evolved over the past two years into a comprehensive business application. It is an intuitive business process tool that can be configured to aid in the control, digitisation and auditability of your business processes within your organisation. Activities within the organisation are categorised, reported and audited.

It started life with the basic concept of task management, data model forms and user defined lists. There were a couple of standard reports. With this we were able to configure a solution and achieved our first goal of saving the staff at the distillery 5 days. It took them that long to consolidate and prepare the monthly Irish Revenue Alcohol Reports. ICALA allowed the staff to focus on distilling and bottling their product.

There were limitations so ICALA was given functionality to remove all of them. Repeating Groups and Entities were introduced the data model was enhanced to have definitions that would take advantage of JavaScript capability. The Document Manager and Scheduler Manager were introduced. It is now available with standard operating procedures that assists organisations with process flow, ensure corporate governance, accountability, reporting and management. Collaborate on tasks to ensure the desired outcome. ICALA is able to map a business process into a repeatable activity.

ICALA evolved as the Distillery evolved so from being able to track the activities for alcohol intake, distillation, bottling, dispatches and stock-takes it now deals with multiple products, tracking stock and marketing events, processing of shop and tours of the Distillery. ICALA also caters for multiple bottling and packaging activities for miniatures, presentation/gift packs and bottles in tubes. We are looking into Financial reporting and Irish Food Board reporting. Lastly through APIs we provide traceability data to be displayed on their website.